Meet Hadleigh, our Miniature Australian Shepherd Dog! She is a fun-loving, adorable little girl. A few of her favorite things are ice cream, going for rides in the car, her "boys" in the race shop (US!), and her family. She hates UPS and FedEx deliveries, when people leave the race shop, card board boxes, and returning the ball while playing fetch. A few of her special talents include taking the caps off of finished plastic water bottles, running fast, begging, protecting and being cute. On coffee breaks, you can often find us outside playing ball with her. She has even trained all of us to give her treats. We love to spoil her! She is our official Race Shop Mascot and General Watch Dog. She rules the roost!

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(Biographies, Interviews and Photos)

We are located in the small, coastal town of Old Lyme, Connecticut on a retired dairy farm (Pioneer Farm) that sits beside the Black Hall River.  Our dedicated team members hail from different parts of Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Check out this video which highlights our home, our team, and our home track!

Our Home

Ralph Nataliza    - Car Chief
Chris Willes          - Team Engineer
Chris Drew           - Data Engineer
Terry Briggs         - Fabricator and Electrical Systems
Dave Genest       - Mechanic and Engine Management
Todd Fisette        - Mechanic and Shock Specialist
Jared Materas     - Mechanic and Tire Changer
Rob Russell          - Fabricator and Tire Changer
Jim Cascio             - Mechanic and Car Prep
Lee Roy                 - Tire Specialist
Dave Preble         - Paint Specialist
Marc Sumner      - Transportation and Fueling
Josh Cappello      - Team Assistant
Brian Megliola     - PR & Marketing/Driver Assistant
Scott Taylor         - PR Representitive

Our Team